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Good mornin’! Did you have a good weekend?

Today’s featured blogger is a gal with two little ones and a fabulous children’s accessory business that includes girls hair bows and a whole lot more. Say hello to Dani from Playing Mom!

Playing Mom

Here’s a little about Dani and her life:

My name is Dani and I am currently Playing Mom to my son Ryan (4 1/2) and daughter Alexa (1 1/2).  I also play wife to Cory and just recently launched a children’s accessories business – Princessories by Playing Mom – at http://www.myprincessories.com.  I like to think my blog is a safe place where Moms and Dads can be reassured that they’re not “the only one” thinking, saying or doing something in regards to parenting.  I’m an open book when it comes to parenting, so blogging is a perfect outlet for me.  It’s also a great excuse not to put the laundry away.

Playing MomHere are 3 of Dani’s favorite posts:

Learning to savor each moment in For Time to Stand Still.

Mommy Wars asks why we all just can’t get along.

Questioning how to help kids deal with tough times in childhood in Bullies Beware.

Now, check in below for Roll Call and then head over to Playing Mom to give Dani some SITS love!

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