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Sara is a humor blogger who provides a platform of support for women struggling with infertility by giving them a place to connect through the Mother’s Hideaway.

Mother's Hideaway

Your blog started as a space for you to “pour your heart out”…why the decision to remain anonymous?

After having kids I found myself in a whirlwind of change like any other new mother. I was determined to be the best mother I could, but then the unexpected (or maybe it was only unexpected to me) happened…My In-Laws.

Yes, they’re wonderful people, but FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GREAT they drive me insane now. Every facet of my parenting is questioned and our relationship is as good as a polar bear’s health in the Savannah. I decided that if I was going to blog about my struggles as a woman, mom, wife, and friend then I was going to do it so no one could throw it in my face. So here I am in all my faceless glory

You have overcome some serious struggles with fertility and lupus, what advice can you offer to support women experiencing these things?

For infertility, just believe. Believe that someday you will be a mother. It may not to be a child you’re able to carry or a child all of your own, but you will succeed. My boys were waiting for me. They were waiting for me to be ready for them and while I believe that my oldest kept coming to me before realizing it wasn’t the right time, he did eventually come and his brother followed.

For lupus, don’t give up. YOU are your own person, your disease does not own you. Yes, life may change. Life may be harder in some aspects, but YOU have the ability to control how you react to it. DO NOT let it consume you and your every thought and way of life. Be yourself, even if it has to be slightly modified.

Mother's Hideaway

Your forums have been a great community for women in all stages of life…can you tell us more about them?

The forums began in April of 2009 (before I started a blog for it) as a way for women to reconnect with other women going through similar situations. We have areas for women trying to conceive (many women have struggled with infertility, but many have been able to get pregnant easily.) We have an area for pregnancy and parenting. However, mostly we just chit chat about life, silly things, and build a sisterhood of women. It really is a great “hideaway” for any woman.

What can readers expect to find when visiting your blog for the first time?

Oh dear! It depends on the day you get me! Sometimes you may get one of my posts that are sarcastic and tongue in cheek. Or you will find a post where I’m laying it all out there. I talk about parenting, life, dealing with friends and family, and memories of the days gone by. The one thing I will guarantee is that if you read enough of my posts you will laugh, cry, and be inspired at some point.

Mother's Hideaway

Aside from blogging, what is another hobby you’re passionate about?

Should I totally be cliché and say “Oh, my favorite hobby is mothering my two adorable boys! What else?” OR should I tell you the truth and that I love learning to speak Spanish more fluently (especially now that I’m on my way to SPAIN!), I love dabbling in photography (I just started!) and I love doing graphic design work. I’m very rarely not doing anything, and always need to be doing something. I do wish I sat down and read more, but I haven’t had the time in three years!

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