The Ramblings: Humor in the Humdrum

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Today we’re kicking off our new featured blogger format!  {If you missed yesterday’s post, it’s here.}

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Now onto our hilarious Featured Blogger, Tori of The Ramblings: Humor in the Humdrum.

What do you get when you plop an unwed mother in the small-town South? Lots of blog material! The Ramblings follows Tori’s day-to-day adventures as an improper hooligan in the most proper of towns. From parenthood to plots to win reality television (who knew Sister Wives didn’t boast a cash prize?) and everything in between, Tori and her ramblin’ readers talk daily about the infinite ways to find humor in the humdrum.

Tori’s got some great posts. Here are three of her favorites:

  • The Very Bloggy Wedding: We’ve taken to unconventional methods for planning our unconventional wedding next year. Readers vote & plan every aspect of the littlest Big Day! What’s better than having a few hundred crazy and creative wedding planners?
  • Fair Housing: Give Your Kid A Credit Check : We stick with the comfortable most days. To get a grasp on this whole motherhood gig, I reverted to tactics learned from my worker bee days before baby. What entailed was a semi-awkward conversation with my toddler about his dismal credit score.
  • Blame it on the Juice: A warning against passing judgement & a lesson on just how far one mom will go to stop a tantrum in its tracks. Hint: Jamie Foxx & The Imagination movers, with the juice bottle, in the soap aisle.

How cute is he?

featured blogger

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