Jeanne Winters: Inspiring Ideas For Your Life!

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I always love blogs that contain “eye candy” in the form of inspiring ideas, and Jeanne Winters: Inspiring Ideas for Your Home, Your Celebrations, Your Life is no exception!  It’s my special pleasure to introduce Jeanne Winters to you. Jeanne Winters is a wife, mother of two, artist, designer, and author of Inspirational Home: simple ideas for uplifting decor and craft. And get this: she has a gift collection called “Simply Inspiring” in Hallmark stores!  Her blog features creative ideas to infuse your home, celebrations and life with reflections of faith.

Tell us about your blog and how you’ve managed to fuse your business with your blog.
My blog, my art, my work – they’re all connected. I always have a zillion things going on, but they all share the same focus. And that is sharing positive, fun, encouraging messages visually. I show creative project ideas on my blog, I paint retro-looking, vintage-style uplifting signs which I sell in a number of venues included Etsy, and I design gifts and home accents for manufacturers.  At any given time one of these areas is taking most of my attention while the others hang back for a few. I have two little kiddos at home, so they are my real attention-getters!

What was the inspiration behind your blog?
I am an idea person. A decade ago I was overflowing with ideas for uplifting home decor and gifts. As I created things for my home I discovered other people really liked them. I came up with three ways to share them:  describe in a book, show on a website, sell in a store. I created an online store to sell the things I was able to have manufactured, but I also added a “free” section full of the ideas people could make for themselves. A few years after that was all rolling I got to do the book, Inspirational Home. When I later sold the business I lost my “idea outlet.” So, I decided to try out blogging!

What is your favorite project?
I love my inspiration board made out of a glass-paneled door! I love that my husband discovered it at the dump and dragged it home for me! VERY out of character. Ha! It took a couple years to find its home above my desk in my studio, but it now overflows with inspiring ephemera. I don’t care for clutter, but having all my goodies contained up there is perfectly peachy!

What is your best crafting tip that we can all benefit from?
Just go for it! Anyone can craft. Truly. There are levels of ability, but everyone can find something that fits their groove. And it’s a little rush to create something with your own hands. When I designed my book I created SIMPLE projects with the novice in mind. The pros can already look at anything and copy it. But those who want to try something fun and new can follow baby steps and come out with something competely custom and perfect for THEM. I love to see that excited sense of accomplishment when they’re done!! Oh, yes – and buy some tracing paper for your craft closet.

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