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Oh, I am so excited to bring you today’s Featured Blogger…..

Jessica’s blog is not only beautiful, it’s brimming with incredible recipes.

We love her take on cooking:

The term be fearless in the kitchen means exactly that. I want you all to know that it doesn’t matter if you know how to “cook” or if you are an experienced chef. Cooking is just an expression of love and a way to create or re-create something that is YOURS. The dish doesn’t have to taste like your moms or even mine for that matter. Make the dish taste like YOURS. Recipes are just a blue print for you to use as a go-by. If you don’t have paprika well then substitute it with your favorite spice, if you have a bunch of peaches on hand then make something up, toss some flour with oats and butter and you have a peach crisp on your hands! That is the point I am trying to get across to you all. Just be fearless, try anything and everything with no hesitation and you will begin to find that you are one heck of a cook!

Want to impress your dinner guests?

Check out this Heavenly Pork Tenderloin.
Oh my.

She tantalizes our taste buds with a post honoring the women in her life and a coffee cake recipe to die for.

But my favorite part of her blog?

Here page called: Tips and Tricks where she shares such gems as:

A typical bottle screw cap on your olive/vegetable oil, sauces, marinades or cooking wine is considered a teaspoon. So the next time a recipe calls for a tsp of oil just use the bottle cap it comes with no need to dirty up a measuring spoon!

Now head on over there and get ready to bookmark a ton.

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