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It’s such a pleasure to introduce you to Summer, the author of Le Musings of Moi. Summer is an original SITSta and might just possibly one of the best dressed bloggers I know.  And the best part?  She does it on a budget implementing vintage articles in her wardrobe that make my heart sing.  Plus, she’s a truly, truly nice person that knows how to make a person feel comfortable with her warm humor.  Enjoy your visit!

Tell us about your blog. What can we expect when visiting?
I think of my blog as my connection to my best girlfriends.  It’s a place where I share my latest and greatest obsessions, my heart and my secrets, and tips and techniques on anything from beauty/hair/fashion to parenting, health & fitness.  If it interests me, I share it with you.  Just as I would with any of my (3) sisters or best girlfriends.

Tell us about you….one of the nicest fashionista’s we know….
I think my twitter explanation says it best: writer, blogger/vlogger, health & fitness nut, fashion/home decor obsessed…stay at home actress (ask my husband!), aspiring broadway star (on the wii)…and a mama to 2.

What’s the best part about blogging for you?
Besides the LARGE amounts of money thrown at me for writing each day, you mean? Kidding.  Obviously. =)

Well, to begin, the therapy that it brings is kind of priceless.  But more than anything, I love how sharing my story, my struggles, my loves and my “not loving so much” brings me together with a plethora (like that word?!?) of amazing women.

I’ll have days where I question what I share…wonder why I do it, but then I’ll get an incredible heartfelt email from someone I’ve never met, and my heart swells.  It is THAT MOMENT right there that keeps me going and keeps me writing.  Blogging is the tie that binds. Or something sentimental like that. And You?  Complete me. And that is why I love blogging.  Love it.  Like Mass.

What is your opinion of blog conferences (socially and educationally) and meeting people you know from online?
If you had asked me that when I first started blogging, I would have stared at you in fear.  Meeting people from online?!? Insanity.  And then I met Mama Kat at Red Robin once for dinner with our families way way back in the day, since I happened to be in town.  She wore her apron and brought her blog book and rattled off things about stats and followers and online people she actually talked to on the phone….and I thought, “Well if Mama Kat says it’s cool….”  So about a year later I road tripped out for Sitscation where I met some incredible girls that stole my heart….and to this day I still talk/text/and get catcalled with them on street corners.  {sounds classier than it was…the catcalling, I mean.}  And then recently, I attended BlogHer where I met even more amazing women, including the rest of the cast of Sits, and once again….my heart was captured.  I definitely think everyone invested in their blog should attend at least one.  It will grow you for sure.

Cinnamon Bears or Snickers?
Symphony Bar.  Oh, and add some toasted marshmallow with a graham cracker on each side, please?  And yes, I know that wasn’t an option.  But, a girl wants what she wants.

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