Lemon Drop Pie

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It’s almost turkey time!

But before stuffing ourselves let’s give a warm welcome to today’s featured blogger
Lemon Drop Pie!

Many people mistakenly think Lemon Drop Pie is a food blog, when in fact I am not even a good cook! When I was thinking of a name for my blog, I wanted to show the sweet things in my life: my daughters. They came along years after a “sour” part of my life: my cancer diagnosis. In fact, my daughter helped me come up with the name Lemon Drop Pie; we were sitting together on my bed, and I was thinking “lemon drops” would capture both sweet and sour. Lily, getting bored as I was daydreaming, said, “Let’s make a pie!” and threw the sheets over both our heads. And so “Lemon Drop Pie” was created! I write about the events that make up all of our lives; the happiness and the sadness. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything! And so my motto goes: Serve me up a slice of that sweet ‘n sour life!

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