The Journey to the Hot Tub

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Today’s featured blogger is The Journey to the Hot Tub

Heather:  Oh, Hot Tub Lizzy is one of my favs.  She’s always such a cheerful commenter and so much fun to read.  Her sense of humor is priceless.  She’d for sure be the life of the hot tub party.  
Tiffany: This is one funny lady.  I feel like I should meet up with her in Vegas or something for some serious fun.  You might want to go empty your bladder before you visit.. she is that funny and super smart.  Reading her blog is a pleasure.
Is there EVER a right time for this talk?  Mommy, why do girls….(Or How to Traumatize Your Mother)
You will NEVER look at little fuzzy ducks the same way again.  CAUTION: There is ONE word that could offend some people, but it’s the crux of the story and only occurs once in the post. Please read at your own risk.  Tairy Fales
It’s the most beautiful gift.  High Horse, Soapbox, etc

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