These Little Waves

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Introducing Galit Breen, a fantastic writer and blogger  from These Little Waves. When she’s not busy mothering and raising three kids and a puggle, you can find her blogging about her “sparks. – Motherhood. Parenting. Books. Literacy. Writing. Feminism. Balance. Mojitos. And Chocolate.”

What inspired the title of your blog?
My name Galit -pronounced Gu-leet- means little wave.

“Like a wave in the ocean, not a wave good bye.” I’ve been explaining it that way my entire life.

So the waves are me, yes. But they’re also my family, my stories, and my words.

What can readers expect to find when stopping by your blog for the first time?
We all have stories whirling in our hearts, begging to be told. I tell mine on my blog- my mothering, my heart, and my writing.

I read {a lot} and seek out ways to stretch my writing muscles {also a lot} and I share what I’m learning as I go.

It’s a lot cozier being a work in progress shoulder-to-shoulder with all of you.

You used to be a traveler…what do you miss most about that lifestyle and when will you start taking your little ones on trips?
Oh, what’s not to miss about traveling?

The food and the people and the learning and the newness and the sleeping in. I miss it all.

As for my kids, yes, I imagine traveling far and wide with them. But first they have to be able to sleep through the night and wait in lines and not whine. So when will that be? Anyone??

You are knee deep in a novel…very exciting! Can you tell us what it’s about?
Yes, I swoon for my characters and talk about them often {My poor, poor husband}.

My story is based on a love triangle that asks the push question can adultery lead to the happily ever after? My characters’ twists and turns and mysteries keep me up at night.

Have I mentioned that I love my characters? My husband is accepting your well wishes now.

In what ways have you benefited from blogging?
I launched my blog seven months ago to flex my writing muscles and to build my platform.

What I ended up finding is community that takes my breath away, grounds me, and pushes me to be better.

It’s where I find my my balance, refine my voice, and warm my heart. Truly.

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