Spend Less, Save More

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Living frugal is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Today’s featured blogger can help you learn how to do it, too! Say hello to Kristi from Spend Less, Save More.

Spend Less Save More

Here’s what Kristi wants you to know about her blog:

When my family went to one income in 2009, we were forced to take a hard look at our spending habits and find creative ways to cut costs. We had to learn to SPEND LESS and SAVE MORE. This meant, less eating out, more cooked meals, a much less wardrobe budget and shopping at second hand stores and yard sales.  Although I haven’t mastered it all, Spend Less and Save More is my way of passing on what I’ve learned about cutting costs and living on less.

Spend Less, Save More

Here are some of Kristi’s best money-saving posts:

Setting Up A Cash Envelope System is a great way to get started with budgeting.

Economize on your kids’ lunches by reading Saving Time & Money on Lunch.

Throwing a Kids’ Birthday Party On A Budget is a great way to do parties on the cheap.

Are you inspired to save more money? Head over to Spend Less, Save More for even more tips after leaving a short comment for Roll Call here!

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