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Let’s give Mindy of Mimi Marie Design our warmest SITS welcome.  Mindy is a graphic designer, crafter and part-time preschool teacher.  At Mimi Marie Design you’ll find  custom party design, custom pet tags and custom wood signs and frames.  She also makes all sorts of bottle cap crafts that you’ll LOVE!

How did your blog emerge?
My blog emerged when I didn’t go back to work after my daughter was born. I was trying to find ways to keep connected with people and a way to showcase what I love to do. A blog seemed perfect!

How do you see your blog in 5 years?
I am hoping that it has a new design and that I have a million followers… hehe.

You are an art instructor.  What do you teach?
I am an art instructor in the summer. I teach art camps and we do painting, clay, conte crayons, etc. I am actually taking this summer off and I went back part-time to my old preschool job. I have been teaching 4 year olds since May while running my side business in my off hours. It is so much fun!

What is your favorite kind of post to write?
I love to write posts about crafts that I came up with or something unique that I found online. I love sharing other people’s creations on my blog for all to see. That is what SITS is all about… supporting our fellow bloggers!

Have you ever had a craft, graphic design or art project turn out totally different than you’d planned?
Hmmm…. yes, I have had a graphic design project turn out different than planned… actually many times! The time that stands out the most is the time that I started making my wall plaques. I had bought a cricut cutting machine at walmart and I was super excited to craft with it! I really wanted to cut out some cute vinyl sayings for my daughter’s rooms…but instead…. I ended up going and buying some cull lumber from Home Depot and when I got home, I started whipping out really cute vinyl signs. I also bought some modge podge and started crafting cute, colorful signs with scrapbook paper. I never thought that a simple craft would turn into something that I sell around town at boutiques! It has been a fun-filled year!:)
I actually met a client on SITS and made some custom vinyl signs for a wedding she was planning. If you have not checked out “Weddings by Jon’ette”, she is fabulous… you must stop by and say hi!

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  • Jen-MamaZen says:

    Beautiful pics! You must an amazing energy level to teach preschool, have time with your own family and run a business! I taught preschool for a long time and I always said that once I had my own kids I wouldn’t have the patience for it anymore.