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Yeah! Another lady I’ve met in real life and simply adore is up today as featured blogger.

You’ll love her too. She is simply hilarious.

Please give a hearty welcome to Anne of Not A Supermom!

I’m Anne. A wife, mother of four, recovering accountant and just starting to think of myself as a writer. I’ve been writing at Not A Supermom since 2010, focusing on humor, reviews, and my real life. I love comments and try to answer every one. I’m torn between my desire to be loved for my adorableness, or worshiped as the chubby goddess I am.

Not A Supermom

Sassy reads picked just for you by Anne!
Draft Dodging the Mommy War
Selecting Baby Names: Stop Doing it Wrong
Be Kind to Stupid People

You know what to do.

Leave a comment below to “roll call” {Anne did lots of times and that’s how she got to be featured!} and then head over to her place and give her some big, fat, juicy comments.

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