Featured Blogger: Out On A Limb

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Today’s featured blogger is Out On A Limb

Heather: Sissy is such a sweetheart!  She approaches life with an open heart and I love that about her.  She doesn’t shy away from decorating challenges, has a super cute dog, and is a great friend to talk about books with (especially if it’s young adult fiction).
Tiffany:  Sissy is an original SITS girl and one of the first blogs I read.  She has great taste in literature (crackliture!) and is a nice easy read.  Pull up a chair and get comfy!
Ah, it’s good to be queen!  Queen of the Indoors
She used power tools to reupholster an


.  ‘Nuff said.  Ottoman 101

She’s all about color coordination.  Her salsa MUST match her flip flops. Pink Salsa, A Brownout, and Plaid Flip Flops

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