Parenting is a Big Deal

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The name of today’s featured blog pretty much sums it up for us: Parenting is a Big Deal.

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mother and son

The name of my blog was born the day, about two weeks into parenting, when my husband looked at me wide-eyed and said, “wow…this is a really big deal.” Indeed, I write because parenting, those moments big and small, funny and heart wrenching, truly matter. My husband, the littlie, and goofy, lovable dog named Bella and I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where we run (ahem, we try), hike, mountain bike, ski, and generally enjoy the outdoors when we’re not freakishly adhering to our guy’s nap schedule or swamped with snot, poop, or any other such bodily function of our child. I’ll tell you one thing, though, love abounds here, so won’t you join me?

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