Featured Blogger: Kaysville Momma

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Today’s featured blogger is Kaysville Momma

Tiffany: Well, the earth shook (actually it was more like rolling) yesterday out in sunny So Cal.  We are all fine, us natives a quite used to them.  Thanks to those of you who texted and emailed to check on me!  Now on to Kaysville Momma.  She is a favorite of mine.  Watches Army Wives, has great recipes, and the most amazing adoption story!
Heather: Sherri’s blog is this little jewel box of goodies.  She’s got recipes and stories and tips on saving money…. it just goes on and on. Every day is like a new surprise.  
She has some great money saving tips.   How to be a coupon freak like me…
Get the tissues ready!!  Adoption Story Part 1
There’s nothing like a Daddy’s love.  To A Sleeping Beauty…

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