Our Marriage Adventure

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Good morning! We have another great featured blogger lined up for you today. She talks about her struggles with PCOS Syndrome and what happens after the honeymoon. Welcome Stephanie from Our Marriage Adventure!

Our Marriage Adventure

Here’s how Stephanie describes her little corner of the blogosphere:

Hey Y’all! You remember Real World’s mantra from MTV? “What happens when people quit being polite and start getting real.” Well that is basically what OMA is like, well minus the polite part. We’re Southern so ma’am, sir, and y’all is ingrained in our DNA. In other words Our Marriage Adventure is a real-life look at what happens in marriage when you get past “I Do” and past the “honeymoon” and start living out those vows! We’re a real life look at dinners, dates, disagreements, and our latest adventure…Infertility. So come on by, I can’t wait to meet y’all!

Our Marriage Adventure

The posts Stephanie wants to share with you are:

A sensitive look at what happens after Infertility’s Unexpected Diagnosis

Life’s Problems Solved By The Army-Navy Store – you’d be surprised!

A birthday to remember in Birthdays, Teacups and Things That Go Boom.

What’s next? Well, leave a comment here for Roll Call and then head over to Our Marriage Adventure and show Stephanie some love!

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