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Wondering how today’s feature blogger, PinkWhen, got her blog title?

Keep reading to find out!

What exactly is PinkWhen you might ask? PinkWhen is a site for do-it-yourself crafts, recipes, tutorials, and a whole lot more; all from a mom of 4. How exactly did we get the name PinkWhen? Well that’s even better! Ask a two year old to say the word PENGUIN, and what you more than likely will get is PINKWHEN, which is what our now almost 5 year old said one day while at the zoo. You can a tutorial on how to lay sod in a day, or how to make the best chicken tortilla soup in a crock pot, or how to turn an old t shirt into swanky charm bracelets, and more. Come and check us out on our favorite day of the year besides Christmas, our SITS Day!!

PinkWhen’s favorite posts:

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