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Today’s featured blogger, Pocketful of Joules, has a little bit of everything to share with you – from money saving ideas and running inspiration to stories of motherhood.

I started my blog, Pocketful of Joules, in early 2011 as a place to give marketing and business tips. Since then, it has evolved into so much more — including my story of losing my job only to find one that is so much better for me, pregnancy & working mom craziness, sassy mom-friendly fashion, and home improvement projects. It truly has turned into a pocketful of me in blog form.

So, what’s the deal with the cow butt?
Well, I was driving through the country taking pretty pictures one day when I pulled over to take a photo of cows. As soon as I put the camera to my face… a cow started smelling it’s own butt. That’s right, no boring farm pictures for me. I get the one that makes me laugh so hard that tears run down my face! That is pretty much how I approach life — and this blog — things may not work out exactly as I expect but I typically end up laughing hysterically.

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