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Let’s get this day started by giving a big welcome to Bunny Kitchen. I hope you are as excited as I am to check out all her tasty treats!

I’m Poppy. I’m a 20-something vegan, studying in Kent, UK, for a degree in Animal Management. I started Poppy’s Patisserie as a place to share and store my baking adventures. When I turned vegan a couple of years ago, after being vegetarian since the age of 6, the blog’s content and ethos slightly changed to include more vegan recipes, healthier recipes, inspirational animal hero stories and more recently a special interest in healthy baking with unusual ingredients that don’t sacrifice on taste and texture. This change led to the addition of the Bunny Kitchen to the blog title, inspired by cooking in my kitchen with bunnies, chickens and cats popping in to say hello! I live in the British countryside with my partner and our 21 and counting animals. I am a trustee for StreetInvest, an incredible charity working to ensure street children around the world have a most basic child’s right – a trustworthy adult in their lives. I hope to use my three passions for cooking, street children and animal rights in combination throughout my life and career.

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