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Today’s blog is so up my alley.
I am a sucker for makeup and being pretty. This lady gives us the low down before we throw our dough down. {<--That? Was just a taste of my poetic genius, thankyouverymuch} Meet Jean of The Real Mom Review!

Does it really tick you off when you buy some touted new mascara that promises you lashes like Katy Perry, but delivers strange tarantula creatures stuck to your eyelids? And you dropped $22 on that!?! That’s why I blog. Because I wish I had a friend who could tell me, and show me, what works and what doesn’t…so I don’t have to waste my hard earned money (or my valuable cabinet space!) on useless junk. I want to be that friend to all ya’ll!

Weapon every Woman Should Have {You’re dying to know, right?}

Taming of the Frizz

Is High End Mascara Really Any Better? {I swear by DIOR Extase, but let’s see what she thinks…}

ROLL CALL BELOW. {Yes, I am yelling at you. In a nice way.}


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