Scooter Marie

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We survived Monday.


We’ve got a humorous lady up today- got to love a blog that makes you smile.

Meet Scooter Marie!

Hi guys! I’m Jocelyn, a 30-something Midwestern girl who’s done the brights lights and big city of NYC and has come back to her roots to settle down and start a family. I am stubborn and sarcastic, I have some of the most random thoughts of any person I know, and I love making people laugh. So hopefully through my blog I can give everyone a glimpse of life as I know it and throw some giggles their way in the process.

These are just for you!

Me Enough Me: A Letter {This one will tug your heartstrings}

A Mama in the Darkness {She captures those special, fleeting moments with a newborn. Sigh.}

Ode to Daycare {As a working mama, I so get this.}

Now, leave a comment below to roll call and then head over to see Scooter Marie!

If you missed yesterday’s FB, Life in Cleveland, due to our late posting, be sure to visit her too!

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