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I liked Yuliya instantly upon reading the “Who Is She” section of her blog, She Suggests. There’s just something about her humor that is so sharp and likable, and I can’t wait for you to meet her.  Let’s give her a warm SITS welcome!

Tell us about yourself:
Born in Ukraine and raised in San Francisco, I am now struggling to stay sane in the suburbs of the Biggest Little City (where there is no Dim Sum). Since none of my career choices of actress, lion tamer or Empress panned out I found myself blogging about my life as a

Also? I post a lot of pictures of my kids – one human, one canine.  You have been warned.

How did you decide to categorize your blog?
The things I blog about are a reflection of all of my varied interests. (read: I still have no idea who I want to be if I grow up) I blog most often about my day to day life, hence “Oh, my! Life

“Feast & Dish” are my posts about food, this one earns double Scrabble points for being a play on words, as in these feasts (food posts) are something you can ‘feast’ your eyes upon and ‘dish’ about.

I started a 365 project this year in order to improve my photography, so anytime I play photog I file it under “five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes” which is the number of minutes in a non-leap Gregorian calendar year, and the lyrics of “Seasons of Love”  from ‘Rent’ (Broadway! Swoon!)

“Green with NV” (word play bonus!) are my posts about being environmentally conscientious and also cool stuff to do/see in Reno, NV

Minimize Me” is all about my quest towards minimalism.

She (actually) Suggests” is a brand new category in which I actually suggest things to my lovely readers, whether it be other awesome bloggers to read, cool things around the web or imparting my (very limited) knowledge of photography.

Finally the Write Stuff” is my sporadic but furious stabs at writing, part comedy + part memoir = comoir? memody?

If you could give a new parent one piece of advice, what would it be?
Trust your gut! Unless your gut is telling you to hightail it to a tropical beach somewhere, in which case don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, babies burn! Also? FedEx me some tequila, por favor!

Favorite Posts:
Orange with Envy:  This is Yuliya’s favorite  ‘writing’post – a tale of her middle school days.
Hump Day Nuggets- If I Only Had a Brain: This is Yuliya’s fave ‘photography’ post.
As Good As it Gets:  Yuliya in a nutshell, folks!

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