Slightly Crazy Wheelchair Blogger with a Good Parking Spot

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Jenn, the author of  South of Sheridan.  She says she’s a “slightly crazy wheelchair lady with a sick sense of humor. And a good parking spot”.  I adore that description!


You have been blogging for a decade.  What do you love most about blogging?  Which is your favorite platform?
When I first started writing in an online journal, most of my small circle of friends had one as well, so blogging was just an extension of our school conversations. When the social media boom of Myspace and then Facebook began, most of us gave up on our online journals. It was after I graduated from college that I got back into blogging as a way to keep writing.

In the past year, blogging has become a life line: I have made immeasurable friendships with so many amazing women. But in truth, the thing I love the most about blogging is the connection I’ve made with myself. I’ve gone from a self conscious girl, terrified to be labeled as “handicapped” or different, to a happier woman, embracing the differences that make up my personal “brand”.

I made the big move to a self-hosted WordPress and my own dot.com a few months ago, and I am really happy with it. But, if I were being totally honest? I loved Xanga’s setup, back in the day.


I love your header and tag line.  Tell us about yourself.
I’m twenty-five, wife to a volunteer firefighter and metal-head, animal lover, and disabled. I have a progressive neuromuscular disease called Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD or MD) and have been using an electric wheelchair for mobility for the past 3 years.

Like so many other bloggers, I wanted a cute cartoon representation of myself for a header image. I quickly realized that unless I was willing to pay for a custom illustration, my options were severely limited . . . and pretty boring. I ended up downloading a free font glyph and modifying it. Because in the end, who says you can’t be sexy and feminine if you’re in a wheelchair?


How is your blog different from every other blog out there?
It’s been easier to define my blog by understanding the type of blogger I’m not. I’m not a mommy blogger (yet!), I’m not a fashion/foodie blogger, and despite using a wheelchair, my blog doesn’t focus solely on disability advocacy. I’m just a slightly crazy wheelchair lady with a sick sense of humor. And a good parking spot.

The Organization Jerry’s Kids is important to you.  How do you make a difference?  How can we?
Jerry’s Kids is actually terminology from the annual Labor Day MDA Telethon, hosted by the legendary Jerry Lewis. It refers to all patients who have Muscular Dystrophy or one of the other neurological/neuromuscular diseases covered under the MDA umbrella. In addition to helping provide medical care and supplies, like wheelchairs, leg braces, walkers, etc., the organization offers an amazing array of services to those affected.

I am a stickler for believing the best way to make a difference is to educate and spread the importance of tolerance. But donating is always a great way to get involved! Since its Saint Patrick’s Day, keep an eye out at your local grocery stores for paper shamrocks hanging up in windows – they’re actually an MDA fundraiser.

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