Southern Spark

By May 29, 201292 Comments

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Today’s featured blogger and I have one major thing in common- reality tv. We both just love it.

And, maybe a sassy mouth too.

Please give a big SITS Girls welcome to Tricia of Southern Spark.

Tricia is a wanderlusting foodie Anglophile wife and mama who loves travel, tasting and writing. She has torrid love affairs with packing lists and reality TV, and shares it all on Southern Spark. Sprinkles of stories about raising two wee Frat Boys in the burbs and being married to funniest man in the Carolinas are thrown in to taste, and all are delivered in a pot of Southern accent with a side of sassy mouth.

Check these little goodies out:

Macaroni and Cheese is My Favorite Color {Mac and Cheese Etiquette and a RECIPE!}

Yo Mama- The Choice I Can Live With {If you ever battled depression- this is for you.}

Celebrity Stalking {I could read celebrity sighting stories all day long. Ask me about Vince Vaugn on my flight to Chicago…}

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