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Happy Monday! We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We’re kicking off this week’s featured bloggers with a gal who talks about style for moms as well as all the things she tries (some successful, some not!) as a mom. Welcome  Hatton from Freshmom!

Fresh Mom

Hatton says:

I’m a full time working mom with an adorable baby boy named Thomas (a face only a mother could love? I think not. Check out that photo.  I know that’s not just motherly love. He’s a cutie!) I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and am surrounded by amazing family and friends.  In the past year, I’ve gone from staring at the baby monitor to make sure he’s breathing to marveling at the moment he asked me to change his diaper. This blog is about all of the things that I’ve tried so far!

Fresh Mom

Hatton’s favorite posts are:

Top 5 Statements You’ll Hear While Pregnant is a great laugh for soon-to-be-moms.
Her dog hacked into her blog and wrote A Message From The Dog.
The Super Sweet First Birthday Party went off without a hitch!

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