The Divine Miss Mommy

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Say hi to our featured blogger today. You probably already know her. She has a massive social media following and is a self-professed tech geek. Welcome Stacie from The Divine Miss Mommy!

Here’s a little about Stacie:

The Divine Miss Mommy, named by my daughter who was four at the the time, is about living the good life. I also blog about lifestyle and travel plus I review products as well. Blogging has opened up a lot of opportunities for me including social media consulting and writing for other sites. It has been really amazing to be part of the blogging community since starting my blog in 2009.

Some of Stacie’s favorite posts include:

The Orange Shoes is a reflection on a moment in her childhood and how it’s come full circle with her own child.

Celebrating a new lease on life in Happy Heart Day.

Kidnapped and Robbed at Gunpoint in Nassau, Bahamas – Thank you very much! is a very scary tale!

Check in with a comment, then head over to The Divine Miss Mommy for even more of Stacie!

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