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Hello friends!

Let’s all give a big warm welcome to The Pancake Life! You might be surprised to find out her blog has nothing to do with food.

I’ve waited a super long time for this so i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. Thank you SITS Ladies…you just made my day, month, year that much better! Here goes a little about me.
The Pancake Life has nothing to do with food but everything to do with living and enjoying life, love and family to the fullest. Yes, happiness really begins with a plate full of pancakes smothered in syrup…at least in our family it does.

I became Mrs. Pancakes on 4.23.11. Why the name Mrs. Pancakes? Because my man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes! It’s the type of food that has always made him happy and that’s the kind of life I want us to live, a happy one. Plus, i never met anyone that LOVED pancakes that wasn’t happy while feasting on it. On 8.28.12, I became Mama Pancakes and our lives were changed forever in the best possible way. My previous blog: Adventures of Team Pancakes followed the ramblings and adventures of our lives as a married couple and new parents!

Over the past several years since I started to blog, i have come to love this community so much. I’ve made friends, I’ve learned about myself as a woman, wife, mommy, friend and i continue to be enamored with this world. I am so glad i found it because i continue to want to do it for a very long time to come!!

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