Mommy Crib Notes

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Kristi from Mommy Crib Notes is all about sharing her tips for parents – whether it’s a brilliant idea or a quick time-saver!

Mommy Crib Notes

Here’s a little about Kristi:

I’m the mother of two little beauties 18 months apart – the first one planned, the second one, not so much. I do whatever it takes, a diet heavy on chocolate and caffeine, Gregorian chants, whatever, to maintain inner peace among motherhood, career and the pursuit of domestic glory. I began my blog to give other moms a “cheat sheet” of discoveries and tips that make parenthood easier.

Mommy Crib Notes

Some of Kristi’s favorite posts are:

Body By Baby teaches us all a little lesson about confidence.

Grab some great tips in Meal Ideas for Toddlers.

Bye Bye Babyhood is a reflection on little ones growing up.

Check in here for Roll Call, then head over to Kristi’s for more of Mommy Crib Notes!

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