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Jia is the hilarious voice behind Untypically Jia…blogger who’s writing is focused on finding the humor in everything…or in Jia’s words a blog about, “awesome things like depression, anxiety and mental illness”.

Untypically Jia is an untypically awesome blog name, can you tell us why you started blogging and how long you’ve been at it?

I’ve been blogging for about six years because it doesn’t seem fair that my husband is the only person who has to witness my crazy.

Kind of like how the other day when we were in Walmart and I started doing my Sylvester Stallone impression and my husband was all, “You’re being really loud.” Well yeah I’m being loud. Why is he the only one who gets to hear me?

You say you write about depression, anxiety and mental illness, has blogging helped you deal with these things at all?

I started writing about my mentall illness after I had a bit of a mental breakdown in 2010. I’d dabbled in writing about it before but I realised that one of the reasons I felt really alone in my problem was because there’s still so much stigma about mental illness. I wanted to show a real side, and occasionally a humorous side.

Thankfully I found a huge network of support through my readers and over the course of about a year, thanks partly to blogging about it, I was able to conquer most of my anxiety related OCD and even several phobias.

Although you blog about some pretty heavy topics, your blog can definitely be considered a humor blog. Have you always been the funny girl?

(Insert joke here.) Seriously, those kind of questions are like when a comedian walks into their parents house for Thanksgiving and the guests are all, “Oh you’re a comedian? Say something funny.” It’s like performance anxiety. Wait . . . I think performance anxiety is related to bedroom activity. Right? Well I don’t have that. Unless I haven’t shaved my legs in a while. Oh, who’re we kidding, I couldn’t care less about shaving my legs. Mostly because I’m a big girl and I’m afraid if I bend weird in the shower I’ll tip over. That’s probably because when I was eighteen I didn’t have medical insurance, because I worked at McDonalds and I didn’t know I needed medical insurance, and my future mother in law was all, “What if you slip and fall in the shower and crack your head open?” So now I have a fear of falling in the shower.

I’m also afraid of frogs, birds and volcanoes.

What do you love most about blogging?

Often in real life I’ll have something to say and I’ll say it and then people look at me strangely and my husband has to tell me that I should stop using big words when I don’t know what they mean. Or I’ll say something offensive and then I have to apologise because people didn’t realize that I was joking. Well blogging is nice because I get to edit the things I write (though I rarely do), and when I’m being offensively funny people don’t get that upset because I tagged the post with “probably offensive” so they should have just known better.

On a serious note, I’ve made some of the best friends through blogging. It’s also helped me find my voice and convinced me that I can be myself, and myself is awesome enough for the world to see. There’s no reason I need to hide who I really am.

I should however on occasion dye my roots. Like now. Seriously, they look really bad.

If you were forced to step away from social media, what hobby would you take up as a replacement?

Like if the internet exploded? I’d carry around a small notebook with me at all times, and whenever I had something to say I’d write down things like, “@doctor I need more meds please #zoloftmakesmelesscrazy”.

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