What’s for Dinner, Mama?

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What’s for Dinner? Well if you aren’t sure you might want to stop on by What’s for Dinner, Mama and get some inspiration!

Hi – I’m Renée. Over a decade ago, when one of my five daughters told me that she wanted to be a vegetarian, I decided I was not going to cook separate meals, nor was she going to survive on tofu, faux meat, and peanut butter sandwiches. That philosophy still holds. I cook and blog about real food – healthy (mostly), comforting, and delicious – and always vegetarian-friendly (although you will occasionally find bacon on the side and recipes that have both meat-based and veggie-friendly options). As a proud native Portlander, I also post about life and living with my darlin’ Mr. B in the best foodie town on the left coast.

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