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Today’s featured blogger is a wine lover and mom stranded in the suburbs. Welcome Kerry Ann from Vinobaby’s Voice!

I’m Kerry Ann (a.k.a. Vinobaby), a writer, book eater, cheap wine connoisseur, flippant foodie, and competitive budget shopper disguised as just another SAHM stranded in the suburbs. When I’m not busy raising my two boys (an 8-year-old and a husband), I waste most of my days editing and rewriting my crummy novel drafts. My blog, Vinobaby’s Voice, is my outlet, my sanity, where I am free to rant, rave, and write in a far less professional manner. It’s sometimes fiendishly funny, often carelessly candid, and always suffering from delusions of grandeur…

vinobaby's voice

A few of Kerry Ann’s favorites are:

An absolutely breathtaking read on pregnancy loss in When Grace is Gone

Swimsuit Shopping {Part One: Gray Hair} discusses the fun of aging – and swimsuit shopping.

Tips for shopping frugally in Thrift Store Shopaholic.

Check in below and then jet off to Kerry Ann’s for more of Vinobaby’s Voice.

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