The Mommy Matters

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Hi!!! Today we are featuring a lovely blogger who writes about all sorts of topics from blogging to military life to marriage and family. Oh, and she’s writing a novel, too. She covers it all! Welcome Courtney from The Mommy Matters!


The Mommy Matters

A peek into Courtney’s blog:

The Mommy Matters is a raw and honest look at my life as I fumble my way through motherhood, marriage, homeschooling and a career as a Graphic Designer, Professional Photographer & Novelist. (Did I mention I’m a bit of an over-achiever?) My goal? To show other moms that you CAN have a life, goals, and a sense of individuality outside the realm of motherhood.

Some of Courtney’s favorite posts are:

I Am the Perfect Parent is something everybody should read.

A heartfelt rant (another piece every Mom should read): I Yell at my Kid…Guess that makes YOU a better mom

Pain is Pain (no matter how long you’ve endured it) addresses struggles over trying to conceive – and people’s reactions to it.

Now leave a short comment for Roll Call, and head over to The Mommy Matters for more of Courtney!

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