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5 Ways to Promote Your Blog

By Feb 9, 20182 Comments

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Do you promote your blog? If you are not doing any promotion, how can you expect new eyes to see your hard work? Self-promotion does not come easy for everyone, but good self-promotion feels easy and natural. With the five easy ways today’s featured blogger uses to promote her posts you are sure to have more eyes on your posts.

promote your blog

5 Ways to Promote Your Blog

You have worked incredibly hard to write the perfect post, but without promoting your post no one will ever see it! Learn ways to promote your posts with these five easy steps.

Here are my top 5 ways I promote my blog:


In the beginning, you may not have very many email subscribers, but start building your list now!

This is one of the best ways for promotion.

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  • Kassidy says:

    I guess we don’t get to learn how to promote our blog, since the link goes to a website I have no interest in looking at. If this is a blog post that’s featured on the sitsgirls, why isn’t it there? Why am I being directed somewhere else… Poor attempt at promoting a blog, and this will make me wary of reading from now on.

  • Apoorv says:

    I came here to read post. Again being redirected to other page while leaving this site and again coming back to this site is really tedious process. Some more explanation would have been more user friendly here.