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8 Great WordPress Plugins for Beginning Bloggers

By Jan 12, 2018No Comments

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WordPress plugins can be a bit of a mystery if you’re a beginning blogger. You’re not 100% sure of what they are or what they do, and once you start learning about them it can seem like a never-ending unboxing. Today’s featured blogger is here to demystify plugins and give you an insider’s scoop on some of the best ones.

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8 Great WordPress Plugins for Beginning Bloggers

For beginning bloggers, plugins can be tricky to navigate. What are they? Do I need them? Are there rules? The answers to these questions aren’t always clear, but I’ve learned some of the basics in the 3 years since I made the leap to a self-hosted WordPress site.

Do you need them? In short, no. But as I mentioned above, they can save you a ton of work and heartache when it comes to building and maintaining a blog. For most beginning bloggers (and some old timers), getting into the back end of their blog is terrifying – plugins make it so that’s almost entirely unnecessary.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to plugins, but less is better generally. The down side to these fancy pieces of software is that too many of them can slow down the load time for your site which is no bueno. You want your entire site visible to readers in under 4 seconds as a general rule.

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