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9 Chrome Apps That Will Make You a Better Blogger

By May 23, 2016One Comment

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There are Chrome apps for just about everything, so of course there are some great apps that can help you along your path to be a better blogger. From time management to security measures and everything in between there are tools for you to use. Today’s blogger has built a collection of nine apps that are bound to make your life easier!

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9 Chrome Apps That Will Make You a Better Blogger

I am an awesome procrastinator. I mean, so far it’s proved to be my best talent! Seriously, I have close to 90 drafts in my blog dashboard, all half-written and forgotten. It’s not that I don’t want to write – I just seem to keep putting it off until the ideas have passed and I no longer feel like I can cover the topic as well as I could have.

It’s just so easy to open up Facebook or answer a text or change a diaper when I’m in the middle of working, and then I get sidetracked and lose my momentum. I tell myself, “Eh, you’ll get around to it later,” but then later never comes. To help me get over this slump and back into the groove of blogging, I have scoured the Internet and found some of the coolest ways to help me focus and stay on task. I’ve compiled them into a neat little list so you can check them out too!

Here are my nine favorite apps you can add to Chrome to make life easier, that will make you a better blogger (not that you aren’t superb already!)

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