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Truncating Your Posts On Your Blogger Blog

By Aug 7, 2016One Comment

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Are you using Blogger and allowing truncating on your posts automatically? This may not be the best plan because that auto feature might pick a picture or graphic that doesn’t quite make sense out of the body of the post and the number of characters it chooses for the supplied blurb may not be a full sentence or it might even cut off mid-word! Today’s blogger has a great plan for truncating that Blogger post yourself and providing an end result that’s more desirable.


Truncating Your Posts On Your Blogger Blog

Many designers live and die by auto truncating. Personally speaking, I cannot stand it. Let me explain:

Auto truncating is a code that plugs in to your blog (usually in the template) that will allow all your posts to be trimmed. It usually includes a thumbnail and an excerpt of your post and then cuts off with a “read more” link. Sounds great in theory. But the truth is that the auto truncating codes will choose whatever image it pleases from your post, often the one you wouldn’t have wanted to use. It also only allows so many characters before the “read more” link that will take readers to the full post. So unless you are planning to count each character at the beginning of each post, it may cut you off mid sentence or even mid word! Not so great in practice. This is where Bloggers page break will become your best friend. You see that little button up there in your “new post”? The one right next to the add video and add photo button? That’s a page break. And I am going to show you how to use it.

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