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Anchor Text for SEO

By Jun 14, 2017No Comments

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Do you know what anchor text is? It is the words that are usually bolded and/or a different color that you click on to visit a new, connected site. Today’s blogger shares with you why your word choice for this text is important and some things to keep in mind the next time you’re creating your links.

anchor text

Anchor Text for SEO

Anchor Text is the words that you link to a website. The words that you click on to get to another site. AT matters and I’ll cover the proper way to use it below. First let’s cover the basics.

Why does AT matter? This text is used by search engines to help determine what websites are about. This, in turn, helps them decide which searches they should show that website as a result. So basically if you run a puppy training website you want people to link to you using words that have to do with puppy training or your brand or URL. Unfortunately you cannot really help what other people do. However you can make sure the text is done correctly on YOUR websites.

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