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Blog Comments: The #1 Tip you Need to Know Now

By Dec 28, 2016One Comment

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The comments section on a blog is the most direct way for readers to interact with bloggers. It’s also a great way for bloggers to engage with other bloggers resulting in more readers and page views for you. Today’s blogger shares some handy tips to keep in mind when commenting on others’ posts.


Blog Comments: The #1 Tip you Need to Know Now

Everyone comments and everyone knows how to comment… right? {Obviously that’s a rhetorical question or we wouldn’t be here!} I finally decided to write this post after:

(1) I realized that it took me a long time to learn what I’ve learned, and
(2) I thought I knew the “1 tip you have to know now” and realized I was STILL making the mistake.

Whoopsy-daisy!! Our top tips to creating a community through blog commenting is simple, yet sometimes the most simple things are overlooked.

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