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Link Ups – Are They Worth It?

By Feb 1, 2017One Comment

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Have you participated in link ups or link parties? What do you think – are they worth it? They are a way to connect with your fellow bloggers, promote your own blog, highlight some of your best posts, and maybe even get exposure on a blog that’s bigger than yours. Today’s blogger has a list of pros and cons that she’s shares with you so you can make up your mind about linking up!

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Link Ups – Are They Worth It?

Sometimes I wonder about linking up ~ are they worth it? Here are the pros & cons.

Exposure for your blog
Grow relationships with other bloggers
Readers will be curious when they see it on someone else’s page
Links back to your page

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One Comment

  • I believe it is a good way for the newbie blogger to get exposure, but after you’ve been blogging for awhile it is more to touch base with online friends.