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How To Create a Custom Watermark in PicMonkey

By Feb 28, 20184 Comments

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A custom watermark should be the finishing touch on all of your owned photos’ edits. Besides protecting your photos from being repurposed by a ne’er-do-well, you’re also branding your images and automatically readying them for pinning and the like. Check out our featured blogger’s tutorial on creating your very own watermark.

custom watermark

How To Create a Custom Watermark in PicMonkey

Have you ever wondered how to make your own custom transparent watermark? These easy to follow instructions will have you creating your own watermark in no time!

For the longest time I have been searching for ways to create a watermark {a transparent overlay} for my images. Every tutorial I could find referenced PhotoShop which I don’t have.  I felt for sure there had to be a way to do it on PicMonkey and sure enough, there is!

Read the full post here: How To Create a Custom Watermark in PicMonkey


  • DNN says:

    I always wondered how to do that after I saw so many people on Pinterest basically branding themselves doing that.

  • Thanks for sharing trick for CUSTOM WATERMARK IN PICMONKEY. I used this trick a lot for my own website.
    I read your blog regularly and learn day by day new things.Thanks

  • sahil says:

    thanks for sharing this information.kept up go ahead.

  • Surbhi says:

    thanks for sharing this watermark trick. Reading your blog first time and its worth reading. Keep posting and sharing such amazing articles.