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Designing For The Future

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Designing for the future is a great way keep your goals on the horizon, in focus, and steadily aiming towards achieving them, especially if you’re a designer. Sometimes life throws you curveball after curveball, trying to throw you off course- but with a strong drive and steady aim your future can be so bright. Today’s blogger shares her tale of forming her future by rolling with the punches and staying driven!


Designing For The Future

When I first started my business it was all about design. I wanted to design pretty websites for creative minded owners. And that I did. As I grew my own small business I had to read and research, market and design for myself. My day had become 90% working on my business and I was barely working for my clients. That’s when I decided to switch tactics and become a business coach as well. This way I could teach others everything I had learned about growing my company.

It worked.

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