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How to Get Your Readers to Interact on Facebook

By Oct 25, 2016One Comment

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Getting your readers to interact on Facebook can sometimes be a challenge, but their involvement is worth it. How can you encourage their participation on your Facebook page? Today’s blogger has some great tips for grabbing your readers’ attention and getting them interacting on your Facebook page.

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How to Get Your Readers to Interact on Facebook

Do you ever feel like you ask a question on Facebook and then hear crickets? I have had that happen to me a few times and I have learned from it. I have found a pattern for which posts people respond to and which ones they just seem to overlook. Here are a few tips to get you readers interact with you on Facebook.

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One Comment

  • Min Yon says:

    Add a picture into a post is really important for administrator who need to interact with their fan and keep contact with them, because if any post just about words it will not attract more visitors to visit fanpage. However, if the fanpage have a variety of post such as video posts, text posts, stream video posts, picture posts. I believe that it is easy to go viral and make a huge visitor to visit their page.

    Thanks for sharing good tips.