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How I Suddenly Got Booked Out – With No Marketing

By Aug 10, 2016One Comment

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Is it possible to get booked out successfully without marketing your yourself or your business? It’s not the easiest road to take, but it’s definitely possible and today’s blogger has a story to tell. She realized she needed to change directions and with some hard work she did just that!


How I Suddenly Got Booked Out – With No Marketing

What I’m about to share with you took some time (as you’ll see) and is really a story about what’s possible when you’re committed, patient and have the courage to deviate to the path of your own integrity.

It’s also a great example of how the world opens up to support you when you’re ready to let go of the outcome and become an adventurer in your business.

I know there’s lots of stories like this around the web right now, but I’m sure you’ll find this is just a little bit different since it happened without a website, without content and without social media.

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