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How Multi-Tasking Can Sabotage Progress

By Jun 16, 2017No Comments

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Multi-tasking sounds like a great idea in theory- you’ve got five things that need to get finished, so why not start all of them and do bits of all of them and they’ll all be finished around the same time, right? What is better, working on 5 things, one at a time, or 5 things simultaneously? While there is a time and place for a good multi-tasker, according to today’s blogger, taking on too much at once can lead to stunted progress.


How Multi-Tasking Can Sabotage Progress

Mom’s are notorious for being proud of themselves for their multi-tasking talents. I used to be one of those moms. Spouse, kids, chores, sports, work, church, fitness, and the list goes on and on….So why exactly should you stop task juggling in your effort to earn more money. Afterall, isn’t multiple income streams going to require me to juggle it all and then some? I started connecting the dots between taking on too much and not really getting much done. Super busy doing not much at all.

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