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How to Be Featured by Pinterest

By Jan 2, 2017No Comments

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What does it take to get featured by Pinterest? This is a secret today’s blogger knows the answer to – she had two different boards featured in less than two months time! She’ll help you optimize your boards for the best reception from Pinterest and your followers.

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How to Be Featured by Pinterest

Something pretty amazing happened – my “Easy Thanksgiving Ideas” board was featured by Pinterest. To be honest, I didn’t even know it had happened. My friend messaged me and said I better check Facebook, so I did. People were congratulating me on the feature. My hands went numb and I my mind started to race. No way. There was no way that I was featured again. Yes, again. My “Easy Halloween Ideas” board was featured not even a month prior. So I sat down and started thinking. Why was Pinterest featuring my boards? I came up with five points to help get you noticed by Pinterest.

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