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I’ve Been Writing…

By Jul 28, 2017No Comments

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Writing is a great way to channel your thoughts and feelings into a more tangible form. Writers’ usually make great bloggers, so today’s blogger was not surprised to find her blog was a great outlet. She’s been blogging for a little bit and learned some lessons along the way. If you’re new to blogging, she’s got some great tips for you!


I’ve Been Writing…

I’ve been blogging for 3 months! I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far as a new blogger. Newbie Tips!  It’s been 3 months since I posted my very first blog post – “Hello! What Niche?” – and its been a cool journey so far. I’ve reached several milestones in this short time- 2000+ page views, almost 100 Facebook likes (Madame Dreamer Blog), 30+ Google+ followers and I’ve even had one of my posts featured (Stress Overload! Rescue Remedy). I celebrate all milestones big and small.

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