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Making the Most of Pinterest {When Your Blog’s Not That Pinteresting}

By Mar 29, 2017No Comments

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Does this sound familiar: you really want to make the most of Pinterest and you want it to be a great source of traffic for your blog, but when it comes to pins, your blog isn’t all that pinteresting? Some blogs out there just don’t fit into a neat little box and that makes it difficult to market your blog posts in the form of a photograph and small blurb. Today’s blogger has some great advice for making Pinterest really work for you!


Making the Most of Pinterest {When Your Blog’s Not That Pinteresting}

You have a nicheless blog.

You can’t cook your way out of a paper bag.

You don’t even attempt crafts because they’re always a disaster.

Your content is mostly stories about parenting.

You don’t blog about weddings, beauty, fashion, and you don’t know any good quotes.

So if you’re like me, you hear people tell you that Pinterest is BIG for them and yet, you’ve not seen THAT much benefit for YOUR blog. Because you don’t have dreamy food photos and you don’t know how to make any type of craft in a jar.

That’s what I believed up until about a year ago. I was spending all of my energy on cracking Facebook’s code and spinning my wheels. I’d pin my blog posts to Pinterest, but it wasn’t the game-changing social platform that it was for many of my more Pinterest-y friends.

Then I decided to run a little experiment. Maybe I could make Pinterest work for me. And I did. Here’s how you can, too.

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