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Monetize Your Blog With Sponsored Posts

By Jan 3, 2017 No Comments

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You’ve decided to monetize your blog. It’s been long enough that you’ve been hearing about bloggers writing sponsored posts, but how exactly does this work? Today’s blogger has your monetization answers from quick and easy starting points to helpful hints along the way!


Monetize Your Blog With Sponsored Posts

How does this work?

When you sign up with the sponsored posts companies (My favorite one is Social Spark), they will start to send you “leads”. A lead is a sponsored post that is up for grabs.

So, for example, you will go to Social Spark and sign up. They will start to send you leads. You look over the lead and decide if you would like to take it (write about that product for money). If you say YES, they might pick you or they might not. If they do pick you, you have to do the post and they will pay you for it.

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