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Your social media influence grows exponentially. When your reach expands, so does your ability to influence so why not make sure you’re covering all of your bases? Today’s featured blogger has some thoughts about social media platforms and where you will get the most influence bang for your time bucks!

Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence

As of late, I’ve gotten a ton of questions about social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or my newest favorite G+. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a junkie. I just love the fact that I can find out the latest updates quick and easy. When I first started diving into social media, I would drop off a post and run. I didn’t understand the importance or value in sticking around. We’ve all heard the recent buzz about our “influence”. I want to try to break this down a bit. There’s a fancy mathematical equation that they have for figuring out your influence and it appears to be changing weekly, but here’s what I’m realizing. Media influence has a massive impact on your exposure. Many people are comfortable with Twitter and Facebook, but have not ventured towards Google+. Google+ provides an opportunity to increase your exposure as well as your SEO! This article provides a comparison between the three forms of social media and walks you through how easy the transition to Google+ can be.

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