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Sorting Creativeness From Clutter

By Aug 16, 2017No Comments

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Creativeness can be looking at a pile of clutter and being able to pick out the treasures – not a skill everyone has! Being able to quiet that clutter to focus on the creative aspects of blogging is even more unique. When you are able to focus, the possibilities will grow and today’s blogger has personal experience with just that!


Sorting Creativeness From Clutter

All people have a desire and ability to be passionate about something. At the peak of my decision, I decided to start with the one that would have the greatest impact on my own journey. Sometimes it’s tempting to want to do it all. But if you don’t hone in on a few specifics, you’ll get lost in the sea of endless possibilities. The vast array of opportunities will become so overwhelming that you’ll drown. Your interest level will determine if you produce quality or garbage in any creative outlet.

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